Thursday, January 28, 2010

blah blah blog

Here's what happened:

I have another blog which I started when I moved to Mexico. I stayed in Mexico for far less time than I expected to and then I didn't do much for four years. After a while, I was just writing posts every year around my birthday. I missed last year. I guess that blog is dead now.

I don't know that I have so much to write now, but I got a sewing machine from my boyfriend for Christmas and I started reading a bunch of sewing blogs for inspiration and advice. This afternoon, I was bored and all out of new posts to read, so, as a silly sort of game, I was thinking of punny sewing blog names (change the word "so" in a phrase to "sew") and checking to see if they existed yet on blogger. Most of the obvious ones are already taken. My boyfriend said, "So long and thanks for all the fish," which is the title of a Douglas Adams novel and which makes absolutely no sense if you change "so" to "sew" which is probably why it's still available and also why I decided it was perfect for the sewing blog I previously only had the vaguest notion of creating. (The Foggiest Notion would be a good blog name for a sewingperson in San Fransisco.)

I have small hopes for this blog. Mostly I hope it will be a catalyst for getting projects done. I have lots of ideas right now. I have less money than is ideal. I do have a seam ripper, so I feel okay about making mistakes. I do like the idea of a blog by someone who is just starting out, because many of the blogs I follow are by women (and one man) who are already quite accomplished and are doing things I can't imagine trying. Like sleeves. I've already finished two projects, but I will save them for a future post so this isn't one of those sad blogs gathering virtual cobwebs in some dusty corner of the internet. Wish me luck.